Shawnee Chiropractor launches 31-Day Kindness Campaign addressing mental health

Jessica McClellan, is the founder and president of Giving Hope and Help and is joining Robin’s campaign.

However, kindness is something that McClellan has been practicing for years even setting aside one day a week to call someone and encourage them.

“It’s the most gratifying feeling. I think there is a part in your brain the hypothalamus that feels so good when you eat chocolate and something that you love and I get that feeling when I inspire and give acts of kindness and inspiration to others,” McClellan said.

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National Statistic: Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.
Sanitary napkins and tampons are the two least donated items to places of refuge across the country.
We are striving to meet this need in the community and beyond.

Community and corporate partnerships are paramount for the success of the Giving Hope & Help Annual Feminine Hygiene Product Drives and year-round collection. We would be honored to have you and or your organization partner with us to help MAKE A DIFFERENCE for domestic violence survivors.

This 2018 video belongs to Nonprofit- Hot Stiletto, Founder Vicki Kelley.

The Founder of Giving Hope & Help shares her story in support of The Foundation 4 DV Prevention.