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Lack of feminine care is NOT a female problem it is a “Global Problem,” Giving Hope & Help (GH&H) is a 501c3 Non-profit organization that compassionately partners with other human service organizations, the community, businesses and individuals to meet need and make a difference in the areas of domestic violence support/prevention distribution of feminine care, education/college scholarships, cancer support and fundraising. The #NoFemaleWithout Period Products Movement is intended to support schools, domestic violence shelters and organizations in need of feminine care. The annual and year-round GH&H feminine hygiene product drives benefit domestic violence survivors, the shelters in which they live, natural disaster survivors and those in need of feminine care locally and across the globe with sanitary napkins, tampons, women and children’s underwear. GH&H is ensuring dignity and meeting the needs of women and children with this initiative and are striving to ensure that #NoFemaleWithout sanitary napkins, tampons and period products become a reality. Lack of feminine care and period poverty is the culprit to many girls missing 5-7 days of school a month and ultimately causes many girls to quit school altogether. Often times when women find safety from abuse they arrive with just the clothes on their backs and children at their side. When they reach safety they should have feminine care as needed. Many women miss work due to lack of feminine care as well and have to choose between purchasing period products or feeding their families. Sanitary napkins/feminine care provided for girls in school and women promotes:
CEED, (Confidence, Education, Empowerment and Dignity)


Giving Hope & Help "No Female Without" Period Products Movement - Request Form
(Up to 100 LOVE Bags 4 Her - quart size Ziploc bags filled with Pads and or Tampons, Panty liners,*Feminine wipes and *toiletries) *provided if in stock
If yes, please mail checks to: Giving Hope & Help Inc. PO Box 2446, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
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